Don’t get bit by a Jurassic Park real estate agent.

If you’re even thinking about selling your home please take a minute to read this letter. It’ll be worth it; scout’s honor.

Dear Homeowner who’s sorta maybe thinking about selling sometime,

Are you getting ready to hire a real estate company that still uses Jurassic Park marketing methods?

-Throw a sign up in the yard.

-Write a pretty little description about the pretty little rooms.

-Put the house in the MLS.

-Put the house on the rarely-visited company website and Facebook page.

-Pray some other local REALTOR® will bring a buyer.

-Or maybe they’re the local “farm expert” and they’ll get lucky to sell another house near you to someone who called on your sign!

Sound familiar?

You get the point.

This is Jurassic Park marketing.

It’s all left over from decades ago when there was no internet…

…when folks didn’t have computers at home…

…when there was no such thing as a smartphone…

…when everyone on the planet wasn’t able to see every single property on the market disappearing into endless lists and collections…

What I’m getting at it this:

Like any marketplace, the real estate market is competitive – winners and losers. You have to beat the other players to the money; every leg up the competition gets they get at your expense. The place that all happens today is on the internet, through targeted marketing – narrowcasting, not broadcasting.

Ever notice how you search for something on-line, I dunno, maybe sneakers, and right away all you see the next day are ads for sneakers, shoes, socks – like, wow, is that really a freaky coincidence? Uh, no.

Cutting edge technology today allows for targeting specific people for ad placement and is unbelievably powerful. What if you could advertise your property to a surgically targeted audience on FacebookTM just like the big boys who are selling everything else these days from baby clothes to sports cars? People who would be interested and qualified to buy your property?

Well you can!  Predictive analyticis, demographic targeting & re-targeting, mining browsing history. (Your eyes glazing over yet?)

I have more that goes way into this stuff and shows how it could be a game changer for you – and it’s an eye-opener. I’ll share it with you right HERE if you like.

Great Martin, so what’s in it for me? Yes, I heard you think that.

So the stack’o’bucks you’re paying for a broker could be going to the latest, crazy-effective on-line marketing that all the huge retail companies are using – instead of going to pay for those bus-bench ads with the 10-year old glamour shot so your agent can get all your competition in the neighborhood to work with him at the same time he’s “representing” you.

Hmm…really?…hold that thought; more in a minute.

Put it this way:

Don’t even interview agents who can’t tell you what a “retargeting pixel” is. They’re still working the old “3 Ps”: Place a sign in the yard; Put it in the MLS; Pray somebody sells it.

Well, while they were busy with their rolodexes and carbon paper, something happened:

The “3 Ps” changed: now it’s Pricing; Preparation; PROMOTION. Welcome to the 21st century.

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F’real, don’t worry…I won’t waste your time going on and on about how stupendous I am …or pitching you to list your property with me. (That comes much later, silly.)

And yet, I feel like I can’t miss. I’m doing this because I want to give people stuff they can actually use, stuff that will help them, protect them, give them some advantage, save or make them money. I wanna share what I know – well, some of it.

If I do that, some folks out there will find enough value in what I’ve given them that they’ll reach out to me when the time comes. Amirite?

Stuff Like:

…What your lawyer’s not gonna tell you about who should hold your deposit. (Spoiler alert: don’t let it be him.)

…How to underprice your house by listening to what your agent tells you about the square footage. (Don’t do that!)

…Why Zillow’s value Zestimates .…oh, wait, let’s be polite….um,…. are less than optimal.

…As promised above: A bit about working with agents who “Farm” your area…Sleeping with the enemy.

…Estimating net proceeds: Heck with price, how much will you walk with?

…Understanding what’s behind broker commission discounts, rebates, and sale guarantees. (So you can figure out how fast to run away.)

Lots more, and always adding.


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Wow. You read the whole thing. I’m impressed.

Appreciate your valuable time,

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